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Disney Channel’s “MONSTOBER,” a month-long Halloween Fest, returns October 2nd-31st 2014

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Disney Channel's "MONSTOBER," a month-long Halloween Fest, returns October 2nd-31st 2014A month of Halloween-themed episodes of popular series will form a mega “Monstober,” Disney Channel’s annual programming event for kids and families.

Beginning THURSDAY, OCTOBER 2nd, “Austin & Ally” stars Raini Rodriguez and Calum Worthy return as “Monstober” hosts to deliver this year’s highlights, which include the premiere of the mystery-adventure special “Evermoor,” a one-hour episode of “Phineas and Ferb,” and an animated version of the “Jessie” cast in a crossover episode of “Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man: Web-Warriors.”

Disney Channel series “Girl Meets World,” “Jessie,” “Dog With A Blog,” “Liv and Maddie,” “Austin & Ally” and “I Didn’t Do It,” along with Disney Television Animation’s “Mickey Mouse,” “Gravity Falls” and “Wander Over Yonder,” will also premiere all-new episodes.

Disney Junior programming block will present new Halloween-themed episodes of the award-winning series “Sofia the First,” “Doc McStuffins,” and “Jake and the Never Land Pirates,” beginning FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3rd.

Fan-favorite Halloween movies will air throughout the month, including “Girl vs. Monster,” “Toy Story of Terror,” “The Little Vampire,” “Halloweentown,” “Twitches,” and the Monstober movie premieres of “Wreck-It Ralph,” “Casper,” “The Pirate Fairy,” “Mostly Ghostly: Have You Met My Ghoulfriend?” and more.

Disney XD will also host all-new Halloween-themed episodes of its popular animated and live-action shows, including “Lab Rats,” “Mighty Med,” “The 7D,” “Marvel’s Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H,” “Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja” and the upcoming new series “Kirby Buckets,” beginning FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17th.

Disney Channel’s “Monstober” schedule is as follows (all times ET/PT):

Thursday, October 2nd

8:00pm – “Dog With A Blog” “Howloween 2: The Final Reckoning”
When Ellen and Bennett overhear Stan talking, the kids go to great lengths to convince their parents the house is haunted to help keep Stan’s secret. TV-G

8:25pm – “Mickey Mouse” Cartoon Short “The Boiler Room”
Mickey’s attempts to fix the plumbing in Minnie’s apartment building are foiled by a monster living in her boiler room. TV-G

8:30pm – “Girl Meets World” “Girl Meets World: Of Terror”
The kids face a trilogy of terror when Riley has a sleepover at Maya’s with her Gammy Hart and pet ferret. Auggie confronts the monster under his bed and Farkle tackles his most terrifying fear yet – playing softball. Guest starring Charlotte Rae (“Facts of Life”) as Gammy Hart and Michael D. Roberts as Coach Gleason TV-G

9:00pm – “Jessie” “The Runaway Bride of Frankenstein”
As the Ross kids prepare for the Halloween Festival, the festivities take a scary turn when Brooks proposes to Jessie and she learns that none of the kids like him. Guest starring Pierson Fode as Brooks TV-G

Friday, October 3rd

8:30am – “Jake and the Never Land Pirates” “Pirate Ghost Story”
Jake and his crew help ghost pirate Treasure Tooth reunite with his ghostly pirate gal, Peg-Leg Peg. Guest starring legendary comedic actors Carl Reiner (“The Dick Van Dyke Show”) and Estelle Harris (“Toy Story”) as Treasure Tooth and Peg-Leg Peg. “Queen Izzy Bella” – Izzy magically transforms into legendary pirate adventurer Queen Isabella and embarks on a quest to uncover treasure in Never Land’s Valley of Ice. TV-Y

9:00am – “Sofia the First” “Ghostly Gala”
Sofia tries to keep a ghost from ruining her Halloween party. TV-Y

9:30am – “Doc McStuffins” “Hide and Eek”
While pretending to be mad scientists, Donny and Alma create a toy monster which all the other toys are afraid of until they get to know him and see that he’s not so scary after all. TV-Y

Saturday, October 4th

8:00pm – “Phineas and Ferb” One-Hour Episode “Night of the Living Pharmacists”
In this “Night of the Living Dead”-inspired special, Doofenshmirtz’s latest “-inator” accidentally turns the citizens of Danville into contagious Doof-zombies who run rampant all over town. Agent P and the kids must work together to save Danville and avoid becoming Doof-zombies themselves. Guest starring are Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as Shaun and Ed, respectively, and George Romero (“Night of the Living Dead”) as reporter Don Adaded. Noah Wyle (“Falling Skies,” “ER”) and Bella Thorne (“Blended,” “Shake It Up!”) also lend their voices to the special. Reprising their roles are Ariel Winter (“Modern Family,” “Sofia the First”) as Fireside Girl Gretchen and Cloris Leachman (“Dancing with the Stars,” “Mary Tyler Moore”) as Mrs. Feyersied. TV-G

9:00pm – “Gravity Falls” “Little Gift Shop of Horrors”
In three separate mysterious tales, Stan is cursed by a Witch, Waddles accidentally eats a bowl of brain-enhancing jelly and builds a machine that allows him to speak for the first time, and Mabel faces her fear of Claymotion. Guest starring is astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson (“Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey”) as “smart” Waddles. TV-Y7

9:30pm – “Wander Over Yonder” “The Gift ll: The Giftening”
Mysterious gifts start popping up on Lord Hater’s ship, zombie-fying each recipient with gratitude. Hater and Peepers try to escape the creeping terror delivering these gifts. TV-Y7

Sunday, October 5th

8:00pm – “Austin & Ally” “Horror Stories & Halloween Scares”
When a power outage leaves the four friends locked in Sonic Boom overnight on Halloween, they pass the time by seeing who can tell the scariest ghost story. TV-G

8:30pm – “Liv and Maddie” “Helgaween-A-Rooney”
The Rooney’s Halloween celebration takes an unexpected turn when a magic amulet turns twins Liv and Maddie into triplets, and their sister is the frightening Helga. Meanwhile, Joey and Parker use the amulet to clone themselves. TV-G

9:00pm – “I Didn’t Do It” “Next of Pumpkin”
Garrett is ready to meet his secret crush at the Holla!-Ween fest, but his disco ball costume winds up getting him stuck belly up in a corn maze. Meanwhile, Delia has grown a 10-foot pumpkin in hopes of beating her arch nemesis Great Granny Wrinkles for the biggest pumpkin award. TV-G

Friday, October 10th

8:30 am – “Jake and the Never Land Pirates” “Jake the Wolf”
When Jake turns into a wolf after disregarding a warning, his pirate pals must find a cure. “Witch Hook” – Captain Hook is turned into a witch by the Sea Witch’s Magic Mirror. Tiffani Thiessen recurs as Misty the Wonderful Witch TV-Y

9:30pm – “Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man: Web-Warriors” “Halloween Night at the Museum”
The cast of “Jessie” gets animated in this special crossover episode that finds the Manhattan nanny in possession of a medieval sword coveted by the infamous Morgan Le Fey. Jessie and Spider-Man team up to save Halloween and the world from Le Fay’s evil plans. Guest stars include Grey DeLisle as Morgan Le Fay and the cast of “Jessie” voicing their animated characters, including Debby Ryan as Jessie Prescott, Peyton List as Emma Ross, Karan Brar as Ravi Ross, Cameron Boyce as Luke Ross and Skai Jackson as Zuri Ross. TV-Y7-FV

Monday, October 13th

10:00 am-8:00pm – Marathon featuring encore presentations of Halloween-themed episodes and movies.

Friday, October 17th

9:00pm – “Evermoor” Special (Chapter 1 & 2)
The mystery adventure special “Evermoor” follows Tara Crossley, an American teen and aspiring mystery writer who, along with her newly-blended family, has just moved into an old family mansion in Evermoor, a beautiful but isolated village in the middle of England. In Chapters 1 & 2, a series of mysterious incidents unfold at Evermoor Manor when Tara discovers a magical typewriter and an ancient tapestry that holds the power to predict the future. The inquisitive and impulsive teen soon finds herself at odds with the formidable Esmerelda Dwyer, who is determined to get rid of the Crossley family. TV-G

Friday, October 24th

9:00pm – “Evermoor” Special (Chapter 3 & 4)
In Chapters 3 & 4, Tara and her step-brother Seb team up to solve the mystery of the tapestry that predicts the future and save their family and Evermoor Manor from the sinister Esmerelda. TV-G

Friday, October 31st

2:00pm-10:30pm – Marathon featuring encore presentations of Halloween-themed episodes and movies.

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