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Disney Channel Monstober TV Schedule

What is Monstober? Monstober (previously named Disney Channel’s Hauntober Fest and later called Wiz-tober in 2008) was a nightly marathon of Halloween-related movies that debuted on October 1, 2005 on Disney Channel. In 2012, Wiz-tober was renamed Monstober to get ready for the Girl Vs. Monster premiere. For October 2021, the Disney Channel will premiere a new Original Movie titled Under Wraps. The contemporary comedic remake of the 1997 Halloween classic of the same name follows three 12-year-old friends, Marshall, Gilbert and Amy.

Disney Channel Halloween 2021 Schedule

*date/times are subject to change -all times shown in Eastern*
(Last updated on 8/19/21)

Check back for the full 2021 schedule, coming soon!

Friday, October 1, 2021

  • 8:00pm – Under Wraps (2021) NEW
  • 9:35pm – The Ghost and Molly McGee NEW

Disney Channel Halloween Original Movies


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343 thoughts on “Disney Channel Monstober

  1. Disney+ is hosting its 2nd annual hallowstream starting September 24.
    The full schedule for movies includes halloweentown all 4 movies
    Moms got a date with a vampire
    Twitches 1 & 2
    Can of worms
    Hocus pocus
    The nightmare before Christmas
    Zombies 2(2020)
    The scream team
    Girl vs. monster
    Phantom of the megaplex
    Don’t look under the bed and anything else is included
    They are also including Halloween episodes like the suite life of Zack and Cody plus wizards of a waverly place
    The full movie/episode guide is online
    But it makes me happy we get to enjoy these movies and episodes again
    2017-2020 weren’t the best

  2. For anyone wondering why monstober ended after 2016
    I got info for you
    Wyatt Ralph freshman of Disney, said that they air new and old Halloween movies. They are beginning to be directed to younger audiences meaning they stopped Monstober to play more kid friendly stuff which is hotel Transylvania and monsters inc. other more officiant presidents of Disney say a month dedicated to Halloween stuff can be a great time. A whole month of spooky movies… nothing beats that! Even tho these movies aren’t on tv anymore. They are still Disney classics to be memorable forever. Senior president of Disney agrees Disney monstober back then was way better than it is now… she believes this change will help target the right group! Which btw benefits the company I guess! But she agrees that is defeating the memories. She said as Disney gets older.. they will loose and gain new audiences! But for sure once you watch a Halloween classic movie… your memories will be re imagined. That was posted in September 2019. Meaning we have no answer for if monstober is back this October because the signs are appearing everyday. If you didn’t hear… we have a new president of Disney who took office in April just weeks before Disney halfway to Halloween 2021. She stated that she wants to bring tradition back and make another Halloween film that’ll hopefully become the next big thing! ( under wraps 2021) She also said she wants it to be as loved as Halloweentown and moms got a date with a vampire. So who knows? Will this new president be the person we’ve been waiting for?
    U Gotta remember
    In 2016 Disney ended monstober and fa la la ladays
    But imagine a comeback in 2021
    Under wraps 2021 ( monstober)
    Christmas again( fa la la ladays)

  3. To the person who makes the monstober schedules every year
    I got some insight for you.

    So far all you have is 8pm under wraps(2021)
    And the molly McGee release at 9:35pm

    But I’m beyond sure that Disney will finish October 1st with
    8pm- under wraps
    9:35pm- molly McGee
    10pm- under wraps
    11:35pm molly McGee
    Disney Always does reruns twice in a row on premiere night just like ( Disney’s magic bake off) and the DCOM (spin)
    They will also play under wraps again on October 2nd possibly at 10 or 11am because If you look back at the old monstobers
    They replay there new monstober movies the very next morning

    Hope this helped 👍

  4. I think we might’ve did it
    Monstober might be back
    In the under wraps trailer that was released august 13th had a spooky affect at the end
    It has dead trees with a full moon and A spider web
    It gave me monstober vibes
    And in may they played halloweentown at night and that was so awesome
    They also said in the halfway to Halloween trailer( calling all the monsters) which is a monstober song
    I could give so much more stuff but I’m running out of space.
    But thank you so much Disney
    You’ll really doing awesome
    I’m reAlly hoping you don’t let me down
    I never been more happy
    If I check the monstober schedule this September and see halloweentown, twitches, moms got a date with a vampire, don’t look under the bed, under wraps and everything else. I’m gonna cry of happiness 😍😍🥰🥰🎃🥰❤️

  5. It’s 2021 already
    I’m ready to see this new under wraps
    From the first perspective in may, I’m liking what I’m seeing
    Looks like a promising Halloween for Disney this year!
    Especially because they celebrated halfway to Halloween 4 months ago with Halloweentown airing too
    Something peculiar is going on 🔥

    1. I’m so excited for Halloween ❤️❤️❤️ I hope monstober is better this year! More of the older classics get played

  6. I read an article about why monstober isn’t like the way it was before and the reason will make you mad, they stopped because they thought no one liked those movies and they are too old 🤣 really Disney, who said that, for the passed 3 October’s we have been begging for those to play, but they aren’t, the article also said they wanted to make the younger kids enjoy Halloween by keeping their stuff kid friendly but the new kids need the good stuff, hotel Transylvania, zombies, monsters inc and university, descendants don’t fit Halloween spirit, I’m so upset, I’m At the point we’re I wanna report them, their ignoring is, thank god we have freeform

    1. To reply Angelia Heim, yes it’s very sad the old Halloween monstobers were awesome to watch I still love to watch every year as I’m getting older, I no longer watch Disney but I come back to watch for the halloween shows and movies. I’m sad to see it’s not the same. Where’s the Zach and Cody, ant farm, wizards of Waverly place, Jessie, Austin and ally, etc the Halloween specials. Movies as well, halloween town 1,2,3! All the twitches movies! My litter vapire, all the Halloween movies there use to be. I remember watching Disney movies and seeing the movies I forgot about or never seen because there so old. It was the best!!!

  7. so you mean to tell me that they don’t play any of the good halloween movies? theyre playing halloweentown ONCE and its al 11 pm?? whats the deal. what about under wraps or tower of terror! what happened ):

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