Everybody Loves Raymond "Halloween Candy" (1998)

Everybody Loves Raymond “Halloween Candy” (1998)

2012 Dates, Times, and Channels 08/21/12 – 9:30pm on TV Land Episode Summary Ray’s purchase of colored “things” goes awry when Frank mistakes them for chocolate coins and gives them out for Halloween. Is it available on DVD? Yes, as part of a collection. Year Aired On TV 1998 Rating PG Cast Includes Ray Romano, […]

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Growing Pains "Happy Halloween" (1990)

Growing Pains “Happy Halloween” (1990)

2012 Dates, Times, and Channels Not airing this week Episode Summary The Seaver family is rained in on Halloween and takes turns telling spooky stories. Is it available on DVD? No. Year Aired On TV 1990 Cast Includes Alan Thicke, Joanna Kerns, Kirk Cameron, Tracey Gold Rate Episode: YouTube Clips

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