Freeform 31 Nights of Halloween

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Freeform 31 Nights of Halloween TV Schedule

What is 31 Nights of Halloween? 31 Nights of Halloween (formerly 13 Days of Halloween and later 13 Nights of Halloween) is a seasonal programming block on the Freeform channel. It originally began in 1998 after the Family Channel became Fox Family, and was continued through the channel’s change into ABC Family, and Freeform. Movies ran from October 19th until Halloween night, covering the thirteen days before the holiday. Starting in 2018, 13 Nights became 31 Nights airing throughout the entire month of October.

Freeform 31 Nights of Halloween 2020 Schedule

Check back later this year for the 2020 schedule

*date/times are subject to change -all times shown in Eastern*
(Last updated on 5/6/20)

Schedule Coming Soon


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38 thoughts on “Freeform 31 Nights of Halloween

  1. I liked last year better. Not so much Adams Family because to me that’s not Halloween or chain saw massacre filled with nothing but blood. To me shows should be about keeping you on the edge of your seat like Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis where you have the horror and not all the blood. Halloween should be scary but not gory. I like the Stephen king marathon that you had. Shows like that are what I like to see. thank you for your time

  2. I Love this, I think that Adams family movies and the hocus pocus should NEVER stop playing during the 13 nights of Halloween you should defiantly keep them for every year.

    1. Yeah, the Little Vampire. Me n my kids used to LOVE the Little Vampire. I dont think ive seen it on in years, but they should def play it this year.

    1. there on disney channel earlier
      Monday, October 24, 2016
      7:00pm – Halloweentown
      Tuesday, October 25, 2016
      7:00pm – Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge
      Wednesday, October 26, 2016
      7:00pm – Halloweentown High
      Thursday, October 27, 2016
      7:00pm – Return to Halloweentown

      1. This is Freeform, not Disney Channel. Each channel plays different movies. If you want to watch Halloween Town then stick to the Disney channel. It’s not the same channel. Each one has the rights to different movies, Halloween Town is exclusively for Disney.

  3. i look forward to hocus pocus etc . but what i wish would happen is that like christmastime a few, fun new halloween movies would be shown once a week i don’t like blood and gore but what i like is suspense.

  4. So I’m trying to watch the ancient thirteen nights of Halloween. However instead of “the Adams Family” movie, I get Grey’s Anatomy??
    Where are my Halloween programs?? My kids and I are very disappointed!!!

  5. Finally a month with no Harry Potter!!!!!!!!! Please don’t kill weekends in December with Harry Potter.

  6. Don’t care for the line up this year. At least show some “Halloween” movies. Don’t care to watch so much Adams Family. ☹️ Sorry I’ll be watching different channel this year!!!

    1. I’m very disappointed with the fact the corpse bride isn’t one here! I’ve watched that movie every year!

  7. I would like too see Halloween town and the little vampire instead of parent trap these type of movies have nothing to do with Halloween

  8. They’ve expanded to 31 nights from 13 yet still opt to beat a dead horse with the same movies over and over again. Not to mention irrelevant ones that have nothing to do with Halloween or spooks. At least I’ve got a smart T.V.!

  9. Yes where is The Witches? Coraline? Corpse Bride? Frankenweenie? Addams Family Values? Sleepy Hollow? IT? Goosebumps? Ghostbusters? Tower of Terror? Mickey’s House of Villians? Van Helsing? Etc? Just wondering

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