The Haunted Mansion (2003)

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2018 Dates, Times, and Channels

10/06/18 – 2:50pm on Freeform
10/07/18 – 11:40am on Freeform
10/20/18 – 11:55pm on Freeform
10/21/18 – 1:15pm on Freeform
10/25/18 – 9:00pm on Freeform
10/26/18 – 6:40pm on Freeform

Movie Summary

Workaholic Jim Evers, his wife (and business partner) and their two kids are summoned to a mansion, which they soon discover is haunted.

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Cast Includes

Eddie Murphy, Marsha Thomason, Jennifer Tilly, Terence Stamp, Nathaniel Parker

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