Yankee Candle 2019 Boney Bunch Sneak Peeks

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UPDATED: 8/18/19

It’s almost time for Yankee Candles annual Boney Bunch release! Here is a sneak peek from this years flyer for the 2019 Halloween premiere in stores August 24th.

Yankee Candle 2019 Boney Bunch Sneak Peeks

Visit your nearest Yankee Candle store on August 24th and enjoy the following treats:

  • $15 Large Candles in Witches’ Brew, Haunted Hayride and Trick or Treat (while supplies last)
  • FREE with any purchase: One Samplers Votive Candle in Haunted Hayride or Truck or Treat
  • Dress up in a costume and get a FREE personalized label with purchase of a large candle

Trick or Treat, Witches’ Brew, and Haunted Hayride candle scents will be available August 24th:

Looks like this years Boney Bunch has a circus theme…

Halloween is inching closer, who else is excited for the Boney Bunch?

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