2023 Boney Bunch collection premieres August 26th at Yankee Candle

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R.I.P. Boney Bunch Collection

From Yankee Candle:

After 16 years, the Boney Bunch are heading to their final resting place. Get them before they disappear!

2023 Boney Bunch Sneek Peak

2023 Boney Bunch Sneek Peak

UPDATED 8/1/23

Here is a look at all ten new boneys that will be available Saturday, August 26th:

2023 Boney Bunch collection

2023 Yankee Candle Halloween

  • Sophia and Phantasmagoria will return for 2023
  • All Halloween candles will be available in single wick, 2 wick and 3 wick
  • Witches Brew is returning in tea lights, plug ins, wax melts, single wick, double and 3 wick
  • Two new Halloween scents – Blood Orange Pumpkin and Boo-Nana Toffee

2023 Yankee Candle Halloween

2023 Yankee Candle Witches Brew

Philly Candle Man has a video going into more details on new and returning Halloween candle scents, the Boney Bunch, and other Halloween candle accessories.

I definitely plan on trying the new Blood Orange Pumpkin and Boo-Nana Toffee scents. They are available now on the Yankee Candle website, along with pieces from last years Boney Bunch line.

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