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  1. I like the mix of movies that AMC shows on “Fear Fest”…sure, they’re the same as years past, but they’re worth waiting for, gets us all in a Halloween mood, can help bring back memories of Halloweens past…many local stations played the same ones years ago, some of which have not been seen on AMC (and could, like “The Omen” and “It’s Alive”, both are quite disturbing).

    No need to complain, we’re all entitled to our opinions, let’s just enjoy the horrorthon (yes, this is from “Halloween III: Season Of The Witch”, which is pretty good) and all of the Halloween festivities. If you miss some of the titles you mentioned, you can see them On Demand, they should all be there. Keep up the good work, AMC!

    1. I totally agree with you, I watched all them. I totally loved it. I just wanted to know are you nice clean shaved man. just wanted to know that’s all. don’t want to offend you :)

    1. Thank you brandy i absolutely love Clownhouse, and as a matter of fact i’ve been searching the globe for this movie. This movie is so hard to find. This movie is so rare, and i’ve never seen it on television.I have found the movie on amazon for like 300 million dollars lol. But seriously it is a pretty penny on amazon. I would love to have this movie in my collection. Saw this movie as a child back in the vhs days, and i loved it ever since.

  2. I love the AMC FearFest, and have been watching for many years… When it USED TO begin October 1st. With ALL the Horror movies that are out there, don’t you think Horror Fans would like a wider variety, for an entire month… Not just repeats of the same old movies every day or other day? There are MANY MORE that you can show, and be able to satisfy everyone’s tastes. Please consider? Respectfully.

  3. If all you people want the old classic horror movies watch TCM why do you want the same movies on AMC also you can watch all the old movies on Svengoolie all year long over and over and over. It would not be halloween without Michael Myers

  4. Wheres karloff, Lugosi and
    Chaney. Show true classic horror movies.
    Not a lot of gore and good stories. come on AMC

  5. Why do y’all only show the first 5 Halloween films? I’d be nice, for at least once, to have a true marathon for this particular franchise.

  6. The 2016 fearfest lineup is looking good so far! Just bring out the alien trilogy, hammer horrer films, classic universal films and your good to go! Maybe throw in some toho studios monster classics too, since the program was called monsterfest.

    1. Well that was supposed to be the twentieth annual fearfest , however they did nothing to impress me. They could have done something special for the twenty year anniversary, but once again they show those damn tremors movies. They could have shown the short films Living Nightmares like they did a few years ago. They didnt even have a special guest host. It’s obvious amc doesn’t care about the fans.

  7. aight listen, im upset af cuz fear fest didnt start on the 1st! cmon what happened to yall? u good? yes love the halloween series keep that up, but yall could play some other good movies like, sinister ! thats a real good one bruh

  8. I loves horrofest in the past but as an avid horror fan big miss this year. Re-animator which played in September, true classic. Not even the original Child’s play, really? Tuning into Shudder on demand this year. There’s the Hellraiser, Steven King and George Romero Classics, many more. Even Canninbal Holocoust! the true horror fans know what I am talking about. Might turn on AMC when I have to do house cleaning. Ps. I love the walking dead but it’s a drama with horror effects, not really a horror.

  9. Great movies but the same old, same old. There’s a lot more out there. Wouldn’t mind seeing some B&W classics and more from the 80’s and 90’s. From Beyond, Return of the Living Dead, In the Mouth of Madness, etc. And the Alien movies are not horror. They need to be removed from the list all together. Fear Fest used to be much better.

    1. I agree, we need to start Oct. 1 and have for sure Halloween 1 and 2 on, the rest are so so. Also, Friday the 13th series should be included. These classics should be able to be viewed more than once or twice during Fearfest, but as it looks now, are only on a couple of times!!! These are classics and many people would like to be able to see them, however, if only on a couple of times, chances are that they will not be viewed by those that love these movies!!!

  10. Why not play ones like:Trick or Treat, Night of the Demons, Dark night of the Scarecrow, Halloween Hell, Halloween Night, House of 1000 corpses. There are so many fun horror movies that are not the same old tired ones that AMC puts on every single year. even Ginger Snaps would be an ok change. The Friday the 13 movies should be played on Friday the 13th.

  11. Someone mentioned Gore…. how about Pieces, Day of the Dead (original), …… strange mind went straight to Faces of Death and Shocking Asia after that last one.

    Actually I would love to see the old movies AMC used to play like “The Amazing Colossal Man”, “War of the Colossal Beast”, etc. Those were the best years of Monster fest.

  12. Other networks have most of the movies people mentioned. You just have to do a search on your DVR. I would have preferred Fright Night 1985 vs. that new one that was crap, though.

  13. I don’t like walking dead zombies don’t scare me I and it won’t happen in modern day but Michel Meyers and Jason and Freddy Kruger to name a few I will watch. I’m sorry AMC you suck for Halloween and I won’t watch until October 29-31

  14. This is Fearfest!!!! Why am I having to read instead of enjoying the usually great lineup of horror movies because you are replaying yet another marathon of The Walking Dead? It’s not only annoying but redundant!!! I’m extremely disappointed this year. And why start Fearfest later than previous years? Many of us wait all year for Fearfest and we are forced to watch The Walking Dead reruns? Unacceptable!

  15. Why are they not showing 2 scary movies per evening and they are just showing them in wee hours of the morning that sux!!! Some people have jobs and work normal hours AMC people!!!

  16. Ok who was in charge this year. The movie line up was horrible, please go back to prior years showings. Wait all year just to be disappointed.

  17. I love AMC fearfest. However, I would love to see it return to October 1st. And less Tremors and Walking Dead. What happen to Pet Cemetery, It, etc.?

  18. I would like to see some of the classic horror movies from the 1950’s and 60’s on AMC. I do enjoy all the movies you show, but would like to see some of the older movies , like he day the earth stood still, The Thing from another world.

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