AMC FearFest

AMC’s 2016 FearFest programming event will begin on Sunday, October 16th and run through Tuesday, October 31st! This year marks the 20th anniversary of Fear Fest.

From AMC:

The season premieres of “The Walking Dead” and “Talking Dead” will coincide with the network’s annual blockbuster marathon of thriller and horror films, AMC Fearfest. Celebrating its 20th year,
AMC Fearfest will feature themed programming and more than 60 films, running from Sunday, October 16 through Tuesday, October 31.

*date/times are subject to change -all times shown in Eastern*
(Last updated on 08/27/16)

Schedule coming soon


75 thoughts on “AMC FearFest

  1. love the halloween and friday the 13 movies but would love to see more of the old stuff to and some hills have eyes or something chane saw mas would be great to

  2. Why oh why show the same movies over and over?!?! And more than once during the 2 week time period. You show the Shining once and in the late morning!!! I’m tired of watching the same movies over and over!

  3. Plz stop showing movies on here that arent scary why not just show the 3 horror villians thats what halloween should b about.

  4. AMC has shown the worst halloween movies for 2015! you showed silver bullet only twice! yet you play marathons of bad movies like childs play! Predator and Predator 2 are not halloween movies! you could show Waxworks, Evil dead, The collector, Dog Soldiers, Martes, varies other scary Halloween movies! you play crap! maybe thats whats in your library

  5. AMC/TCM… YOU GUYS LISTENING OR WHAT???? Enough already with this modern crapola… we want old scary movies. not gore and garbage. We want classics, old B-movies and obscure stuff… getting disappointed by you year after year….Monster Fest was better, bring it back… Long live Christopher Lee, Barbara Steele and Bela Lugosi….don’t make these mistakes next year to make me go “Jersey” on you…LOL…..

    1. Yes i agree with you. Some years back, and I believe it was monster fest, you played the old classics. It was the best. That is where horror movies started, so show them too. All ages watch AMC.

    2. Jersey Girl: Please tell me you’re kidding with including TCM in your comment? Have you taken a look at their programming for October? Especially this year??!! Turner Classic Movies is the one channel that continually plays nothing but commercial free classic horror for their Halloween programming!

      Now you are absolutely correct about AMC, they need to bring back the good ol’ film programming of their Monsterfest days! Fearfest sucks!

    3. P.S. … Please Don’t Eat The Daisys” tonight at 8 PM?? REALLY??? Hello…, it’s Halloween WEEK! , All October is Halloween season…get with the program!!! DUH… just DUH.

  6. I really do agree. The movies they are showing ARE NOT HALLOWEEN MOVIES! I love the older movies with Christopher Lee, Vincent Price, Lon Chaney as the wolfman. I think this is my last year watching this crap.

  7. For years ive been watching amc during the halloween season. monster fest or fear fest. Ive been here since day one. I even have planned my vacations of 10 plus years around fear fest. Im so not enjoying fear fest this year. The only thing i have watched is the walking dead. you got to shake the line up some. Yes we like firday, yes we like halloween. Please show something else. One of the bright points the last few years was showing newer flicks that didn’t hit so well. Except for wax works i don’t see them on ( 13 ghost, Ghost ship) Not great movies but a nice change of pace. Im tires of having to try to catch creature from the black lagoon 2at o dark thirty. No bela lugosi No lon channey no glen strange. Please john carpenter shows us more of the thing in halloween then you have in 10 years. Please amc roll up your sleeves and fix fear fest.

  8. Dear AMC,
    Hollywood has produced a ton of horror movies over the years, most of which are far more scary and entertaining than the Friday the 13th and Halloween series. Frankly, only the first couple of movies of these series are worth watching. We certainly don’t need 3.5 days of Michael Myers. I appreciate that you offer Fear Fest, but please don’t be lazy. Give us the good stuff.
    Your biggest fan

    1. If you dont like the halloween and friday the 13th movies then u are a moron. Hello! This is the perfect time of year 4 the halloween movies. Granted i understand they do show these films a lot. And i am sick and tired of them showing the tremors movies every year. Good grief please stop showing tremors 1 thru 100. Show return of the living dead i absolutely love that movie. The texas chainsaw massacre, nightmare on elm street,( the original) night of the demons, the evil dead and so many other wonderful horror movies.

  9. I wish they play Halloween H2O that’s the best one to me and more house of wax and Childs play its to much Halloween movies.

  10. I can’t believe the networks are starting the movies/shows SO late for 2016. I want them to start October 1st! Even Disney seems to be starting on Oct. 7th.

  11. They need to have a day of George A. Romero movies. I never seen the original Dawn of the Dead on fear fest. They need to Air his movies from Night of the living dead, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, Land of the Dead, and Diary of the Dead. Halloween shouldn’t be called halloween, but Hallowromero. I know he was the host of AMC fear fest a couple years ago, but you need to put his movies into the equation. It’s like having turkey on Thanksgiving, you need Romero for fear fest and halloween every year.

    Thanks Joshua VanGraafeiland

  12. Why wait until October is half over before starting Fearfest? Real horror movie fans & just plain Halloween lovers are ready to get in the theme of things at the very latest October 1st!! No more unscary movies!! We need the classics!! Zombie tv shows should not be included- horror movies only!! Come on AMC!!

  13. Please show real classic horror movies and not the Walking Dead. We can all see Walking Dead via On Demand. Plus, that’s NOT a horror show. There are so many great scary and horror movies that can be shown – Stephen King movies, original Fun House. Motel Hell, the Hills Have Eyes, the Gate, Trick or Treat, Silent Night Deadly Night, Poltergeist, etc…

  14. Why do you keep showing the same movies every year during fearfest? I use to watch when you had monster feast with the old movies. How many times can you watch halloween..friday 13 and chucky??? How sad..will not be watching this year

  15. AMC are you guys listening to the fans? We are getting sick and tired of the same old crap every year. Please learn how to show different movies .

    1. I’ll sure be glad when amc releases the fearfest schedule. But please once again don’t show the tremors movies you show them every year.

  16. AMC can’t wait for the movies! It would be really nice of you to play the Phantasm series of movies this year, in honor of Angus Scrimm. BOY!!!
    Happy Halloween :)

  17. October 16???? Really? This is so disappointing. It needs to start October 1 like in years past. Please show other horror films this year besides Child’s Play, Halloween, and all 724 Tremors movies. Thanks!

  18. PLEASE NO MORE TREMORS!!!! Monster Fest was the best. Old Movies, REAL Scary Movies, Gorey Movies, Stephen King!!! Michael, Jason, Freddie, Tall Man, Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolfman, Mummy, Psycho, George Romero, Chain saws, Priests, Demons, Rosemary, Pigs blood, Damien, Freaks, LOTS OF BLACK AND WHITE, Slasher films….
    AMC….Listen to your viewers!!!

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