2024 Travel Channel Ghostober - October TV Schedules
Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Travel Channel Ghostober

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Ghostober officially began on the Travel Channel October 1, 2018. As part of the now annual programming event, Travel Channel packs it’s October TV schedule with terrifying paranormal series and specials that will have you screaming all month long. Ghostober recently expanded to Discovery+ delivering 55+ hours of Halloween themed specials and series including paranormal investigations, devilish desserts, podcasts, and more.

How to watch the Travel Channel without cable?

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2024 Travel Channel Ghostober Schedule

PLEASE NOTE: Date/times are subject to change (all times shown in ET)
Airings below are based on a generic national schedule. Times/dates can vary by TV provider.
Schedule Updated Schedule last updated on 1/10/24

Ghostober will begin Tuesday, October 1st 2024

What channel is Travel Channel?

  • DirecTV – Channel 277
  • DISH Network – Channel 196

Available on most cable networks. Check with your local provider for channel.

Don’t have cable? We recommend fuboTV which offers 100+ channels including the Travel Channel, Freeform, and the Food Network. Watch all your favorite Halloween holiday programming plus, on-demand entertainment including full TV series. Sign Up for fuboTV (start for free at this link, cancel online anytime)

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17 thoughts on “Travel Channel Ghostober

  • Same, ghostober is a joke this year nothing new I can’t believe you expect us to pay for this. Definitely canceling.

  • Time to cancel. Where all the new episodes? This lineup is beyond lame, and they keep bringing out a bunch of reruns that they play all the time and expect everyone to just keep paying each month. I watch this channel for the paranormal content, and quite frankly, my least favorite is Ghost Adventures.

  • Kim M.

    Definitely canceling after seeing this lineup! Paranormal shows are the main reason for having Discovery+ in my household. I agree with others above, Zak Bagans and his crew are huge fakes. Anytime I even attempt to watch one of their shows, I turn it off within minutes. Bring back Ghost Hunters and Ghost Brothers and definitely Portals to Hell. These others are going to cost you a lot of viewers! We want real ghost shows, not theatrics!

    • And Kindred Spirits, bring them back!!

  • Shame on you Travel Channel!!!! Your Ghostober 2023 lineup is appalling and frankly quite SAD. ZAK BAGANS is not going to carry your viewers or satisfy them. He is nothing but a theatrical FAKE! Bring back Portals To Hell, Destination Fear and do some updated shows of Americas best haunted houses and NEW Americas Most Haunted places, along with Ghost Hunters some more Katrina and how about season 3 of The Holzier Files or even the Ghost Brothers. Anything but Ghost Adventures. As it stands now, I have already cancelled my Discovery + subscription due to your lack of paranormal programming. Yes Travel channel, your lack of paranormal programming caused me to throw away all the other channels through the Discovery + subscription. I don’t know what the problem is but you better figure it out quickly.


  • Kerrie

    Discovery Channel, you were STUPID for canceling Destination Fear. I would much rather see Zach Bagans be canceled then Dakota and the crew from DF. I’m really really disappointed in this year’s sad line up for ghostober.

    • Then, if you didn’t know, Dakota and crew have a new show that they are in total control of. The first season just ended. It is totally free on YouTube. Just look up Project Fear.

  • Nicky C

    Wow. The travel channel only got where it IS ….as an actual channel people watch…because of the really great paranormal programs and the paranormal enthusiasts. I can’t even name one single travel channel show that is NOT a paranormal series. This is scary stupid. Booooo!!!!(boo as in we hate it!!!)
    P.S portals to hell was one of your best shows bring it back please!

  • Lorelei (Lorrie)

    Seriously considering the cancellation of my subscription if this is all that is going to be offered for Ghostober. I watch Discovery+ all the time and it has gotten really sad paranormal wise.

  • Amy J

    Travel Channel & Discovery+ have forgotten that the paranormal enthusiasts made up a large part of those who watch & pay for them. They wanted to be the paranormal in spots, now next to nothing. It’s really sad they have tossed their fans aside.

    • Greg

      They left out a ton of stuff in this article. October 4th there’s a 4 hour live ghost hunt from Salem, MA with Jack Osbourne Katrina and others from different shows. GA is doing a 4 part mini series about serial killers, a 4 part Salem Witch Trial doc series, Halloween night GA is doing a 2 hour thing from the Conjuring house. Travel Channel website has everything listed with dates and times.

      • Windshadow

        I have checked programing those live shows were last years, only 3 New shows on Travel= 1) Ghost Town Terror Season 2 aired on 9/ 29/23 evening
        2) Jack Osborne’s Night of Terror, 10/1 @ 7pm Pacific Travel Ch.
        3) Ghosts Caught on Camera Ep2 airs Wed 10pm Pacific ( may not be a new show bit I haven’t found any previous show dates.

        Th I s year Discovery+ has been giving us less & less paranormal programming, along with cutting us off from current seasons of most top shows. I am canceling my streaming this month! October is a joke for both Discovery & Travel…& Zak Bagans got that huge contract, yet he has cut down on shows …I am really unhappy with what has happened to paranormal shows programming on all the networks & channels this year… It’s a big joke!

  • Step

    Very sad and a huge let down I guess I will look to you tube for more spooks and scares get rid of zac he is ruining your programming

  • Pilar

    Only two new shows for Ghostober 2023, on the Travel Channel?! Sad.


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