Syfy 31 Days of Halloween

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Syfy 31 Days of Halloween TV Schedule

What is 31 Days of Halloween? Syfy channels 31 Days of Halloween began in October of 2008. The network airs horror films, original movies and shows all month long.

Syfy 31 Days of Halloween 2020 Schedule

2020 schedule coming in September

*date/times are subject to change -all times shown in Eastern*
(Last updated on 8/31/20)

Schedule Coming Soon


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53 thoughts on “Syfy 31 Days of Halloween

  1. So disappointed in this line up – so many are not true Halloween movies…where’s the actual “Halloween” movies at? I mean come on, ridiculous joyride and hunger games are in the line up – please – time to get rid of syfy

  2. I loved the Syfy Originals — there was one called The House or House or something a few years ago about a team of ghost hunters. I really liked that one, and now I can’t even find that it existed. I have zero desire to watch Harry Potter or Hunger Games during 31 Days.

  3. Wow… I was expecting so much more… I enjoy both Hunger Games and Harry Potter but not for the celebration of 31 days. Was hoping for more of them crazy syfy originals, just my opinion

  4. This is a so called “Halloween” line up not one Ghost story, Mummy, Wolfman, Draculal ect. ect…………
    To put it plainly it “Inhales Swiftly”……………

  5. Looking at my Dish guide, the times posted are Central not Eastern.
    My guide says House of the Witch for Wednesday 10/2 starts at 9am (I am in Eastern time).

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