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ABC Picks Up Special “Toy Story of Terror” premiering in October 2013

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ABC Picks Up Special "Toy Story of Terror" premiering in October 2013From Disney·Pixar comes a spooky new tale featuring all of the favorite  characters from the “Toy Story” films.

What starts out as a fun road trip for  the “Toy Story” gang takes an unexpected turn for the worse when the trip  detours to a roadside motel. After one of the toys goes missing, the others find  themselves caught up in a mysterious sequence of events that must be solved  before they all suffer the same fate in this “Toy Story of Terror.”

The cast of  “Toy Story of Terror” includes Tom Hanks as Woody, Tim Allen as Buzz, Joan  Cusack as Jessie, Carl Weathers as Combat Carl/Combat Carl Jr., Timothy Dalton  as Mr. Pricklepants, Don Rickles as Mr. Potato Head, Wallace Shawn as Rex and  Kristen Schaal as Trixie.

The special, from Disney·Pixar, will premiere on ABC  in October 2013.

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