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AMC FearFest TV Schedule

What is FearFest? In 1997, the AMC network launched Monsterfest, a popular week-long marathon of horror movies and thrillers that aired in late October. On September 26, 2008, AMC announced the launch of a new horror-themed movie marathon for its October schedule called “Fearfest” which replaced Monsterfest.  Fear Fest typically runs from mid-October every year until Halloween (often the day after too) and in recent years has run throughout the entire month of October as well.

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2023 AMC Fear Fest Schedule

AMC’s annual horror marathon FearFest is bringing the frights in the lead up to Halloween with 31 days of genre programming featuring 80 films and 400 hours of programming. Includes the iconic film franchises Halloween, Friday the 13th, Leprechaun, Alien, and Stephen King classics.

FearFest will begin on Sunday, October 1st 2023.

*date/times are subject to change – all times shown in Eastern*
(Last updated on 2/21/23)

Check back in for schedule updates throughout the year.

Friday, March 3, 2023

  • 9:00am – Cujo (1983)

What channel is AMC Fear Fest?

  • DirecTV – Channel 254
  • DISH Network – Channel 131
  • AT&T U-Verse – Channel 795

Available on most cable networks. Check with your local provider for channel.

Don’t have cable? We recommend fuboTV which offers 100+ channels including AMC, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Freeform, SYFY, Food Network, and the Disney Channel. Watch all your favorite Halloween holiday programming plus, on-demand entertainment including full TV series.

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704 thoughts on “AMC FearFest

  1. For the sake of this community, I hope next year they play 31 straight days of Halloween 5. Maybe sprinkle in a Walking Dead episode unannounced. Nothing would give me more pleasure than watching the freakout here.

  2. Over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. I know the lines before say it. I’m bored, but Happy Halloween everyone!!

  3. I’m so disappointed with fearfest this year. This channel has basically been a tradition of mine for the month of October since my grown children were little but I’m barely watching it and feel like i wasted money. The schedule has been off a lot also. I was excited to finally be watching the classic An American Werewolf In London this morning and instead Im watching Gremlins. I don’t know whats going but AMC has really gone downhill this year.

  4. HORRIBLE Lineup. Final Destination? How is that horror? And how many times can you play it? Not to mention maybe the first one was the only one worth watching once. Tremors? Come on. Give us horror! There are many incredible horror flicks out there, maybe it is a licensing thing but this lineup truly sucks.

  5. I think I’m out on Fearfest. It’s been multiple years in a row now that they haven’t aired Season of the Witch.

  6. Too many showings of the Final Destination franchise, save that for Friday the 13th (the date, not the movie)!
    I’m also watching a lot of “Ghostober” on the Travel Channel.
    HBO generally sucks these days.

  7. Horrible this year AMC!!! Why are they playing taken and fast & furious ??? on Fear fest!! You need to start playing some oldies that you haven’t played!! Dawn of the dead 1978, Day of dead, return of the living dead, people under the stairs, Stephen king’s IT the original, Salem’s lot, House 1985, The omen, Wrong turn’s. You skipped nightmare on elm street all of the original’s. AMC why do keep playing the same movie’s over and over again? You need to switch up the movie’s what happened to AMC ???

    1. Worst lineup I’ve seen to date !!!! What the heck is going on ? What happened to Dracula or nightmare on elm street ? Sure you play the remakes but what about the originals. ??

    2. Agree with your movie suggestions, but I thought Taken and the F and the F was airing on the SciFi channel. I saw their lineup and thought it was ridiculous. Regardless, AMC is playing the same movies over and over. Halloween is on repeat, and it’s getting so old. There are many awesome movies they could be playing. What a shame!

      1. Moe
        Horrible Fearfest Movies! Like the classics: Dracula, Wolfman, The Mummy with Lon Chaney, Frankenstein, The Blob etc. very disappointed😢

  8. It’s hilarious that you can say certain “curse” words on AMC and not others. It’s the same movies every year on repeat. I know they have permissions they have to get, but I think everyone would love a fan vote! Happy Halloween! 👻🔪🎃🪦

    1. Where are the Chris Lee Dracula (Hammer) films?
      Where are the Universal monster movies (Lugosi’s Dracula, Karloff’s Frankenstein, Lon Chaney’s Wolfman)?
      Where’s the 2010 Wolfman movie?

      Why do you keep showing all of the Halloween movies OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN?

      You are American Movie CLASSICS. So, where are the classics?? Seriously?? You can’t give up two or three days to show Hammer and universal films??

  9. Halloween rob zombie 1 and 2 are not on amc this year also no Halloween 2 original or Halloween 3 smh AMC needs to fight to get these classics back on the lineup this year amc is getting bullied by steaming companies like peacock

  10. Hi everyone, or anyone,
    Based on all the comments, depending on what generation you’re from. this is just my honest and humble, opinion. what the heck even happened to the real Halloween CLASSIC movies back in the day, oldies but goodies, rethinking reality, critical thinking, 1950’s 1960’s, 1970’s and early to mid-1980s like the Wolf Man, Lon Chaney, The Mummy, Frankenstein, Dracula, and the best actors like Vincent Price, Peter Cushing, and Christopher Lee. The original Halloween was the best ( 1976) see the problem today is directors and producers try to reinvent the wheel. Just leave it alone. Those are classics that will never be the same just like the original movies as well. Because most of the time I think they’re just not the same or good. Today’s movies don’t look real ( it’s all this computer ammunition, drama on steroids, they’re not like back then at hammer studios in
    ( England) or actually shot live on real locations. It felt more real and kept you in suspense and the actors, and writers were brilliant. Now it’s boring and most of these horror movies are on a loop. But it’s like everything today greed, going with the flow, and politics. Not me, I’m 97 % in boycott mode with even today’s sports, But the good news is, you can now buy them all on the internet 😉 I’ve enjoyed the glory days now it’s over.
    Sign, Baby Boomer.

  11. Why do they cut everything out it should be played like it is in the theaters that’s the only thing about fear fest that sucks.

    1. I think the people are right when they say the same movies play year after year they should play classics and what about all the great slashers and horror from the 70’s 80’s they need to upgrade their gear fest in the future cause I’m sure alot of people will not watch they’s movies they may as well play cartoons

  12. I think I saw a movie on amc a few years back and I can’t remember what it is. It had something to do with hunters going into a club/bar in the middle of no where and I think at night women turned into some type of creatures and I think they all died when the sun came up or something like that?

  13. Year after year, they never show Halloween 2 (1981) or Halloween 3 (1983). Why? Stop showing Resurrection and show H2 & H3. I’ll even take the Zombie remakes over Resurrection.

    1. AMC fear fest is not the same anymore I been a fan for 15 years and this year it’s just a terrible mix they are showing Halloween 6 Halloween 5 and 4 in the morning on Halloween lots of the movies are during the day latest 10pm all AmC cares about now is the walking dead

    2. if you have comcast xfinty and one of those grey remotes that have microphoe press it and say halloween 2 you might have to pay a small rental fee like i did or you can buy it they also have halloween james think if you google it halloween 2 it should come up on tubi website i found it there as well

    3. James, all networks including AMC are bound by law that they cannot show a movie or film with out the explicit rights of the producer or film company. It sucks yes, they can go ahead and air it, but they will have their butts sued off, so they are not willing to have that just for OUR viewing pleasure.

  14. For those who may not have seen yet and are interested . Halloween II (1983) and Halloween III season of the witch will be on SYFY this October.

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