14 thoughts on “Syfy 31 Days of Halloween

  1. Syfy has gotten ridiculous about their shows. They show movies on the weekend and then beat it to death with the same shows all week over and over again. You would think that the kind of money syfy gets from their commercials ( Which are on all the time) that they should be able to show different movies on the weekend as well as thru the week. Halloween is not only about current movies but old ones as well. Halloween is about scary and not about gory. It seems that if everyone and everything is not covered in blood you don’t consider it to be a good movie. This is, I am sorry to say, one persons opinion. I wish more people would rather have scary then bloody.

    1. I’m with you! I’m sick of sickening movies: blood and gore for its own sake is disgusting, boring, and not scary. It also illustrates, in my opinion, a lack of talent in the film maker. Syfy is mostly slag. For more scares, atmosphere, and plot, try TCM.

          1. The guy that played Sammy Terry passed away last year I think. His son has taken over and is now playing Sammy..

    1. I totally agree. Rose Red is one of the best movies but it is because it is not all about blood. Today it seems that if it is not bloody and gory it is not considered a good movie. I totally agree with you on this one. I love this movie but it will not be shown.

  2. love halloween movies not number 3 it sucks worst movie i ever seen. would love to see hills have eyes or stuff that makes you jump and say o s**t .please dont play halloween 3 ever bad bad movie thumbs down for that one .and why do you play ghost hunters that is not a scary movie is this 31 days of halloween or what wheres the movies? not ghost hunters thats always on here.

  3. I would think a marathon of all the “Halloween” movies would at least be played on Halloween! I agree with the blood and guts – enough. Where is The Haunting, Legend of Hell House, no spooky movies here!

  4. I agree with the negative remarks.
    SyFy has mutated into the WORST scifi product I have ever seen.
    The movies are ROTTEN and I would rather see the scfi/horror movies of the 50’s & 60’s.

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