Turner Classic Movies (October Horror)


Turner Classic Movies (October Horror) TV Schedule

Every October TCM (Turner Classic Movies channel) airs classic horror movies.

TCM October Horror 2022 Schedule

*date/times are subject to change – all times shown in Eastern*
(Last updated on 6/7/22)

The 2022 TCM October Horror schedule will be available closer to August.


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61 thoughts on “Turner Classic Movies (October Horror)

  1. Please show, Rasputin: The Mad Monk, and To The Devil A Daughter. Both starring Christopher Lee. I haven’t seen either of these films and I don’t want to purchase them on DVD until I see them.

  2. Would love to see Invasion of the BodySnatchers, especially the original with Kevin Mc Carthage’s…remake with Donald Sutherland also a good one!!

    The Haunting with Julie Harris is always aMUST…Thank You! What happened to a Psycho???

  3. I love TCM even more when they break away from their RomCom addiction.
    Thank You for looking outside the box.
    P.S. You could rerun a few miniseries that your company (Turner Network) produced like: Bette Davis in The Dark Secret Of Harvest Home (1978).

  4. Would like to see an airing of Universal’s “The Invisible Man” and a few sequels. Also “The Shuttered Room” from 1967. A TCM Underground airing of “The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant” with Bruce Dern would be great! Also have some requests for Non-Halloween/Horror Films that we would like to see. Will add a few titles if you have a section for those. Happy Halloween 2020 TCM, Masks Optional…

  5. You forgot to add Corruption (1968) on the list. It will air on Tuesday, October 8, 4:00AM EST. Also Death Curse of Tartu came out in 1966.

  6. Love seeing what TCM has to offer since, to me, AMC’s line-up has gone downhill ever since MonsterFest became FearFest in 2008. Plus, this year Peter Cushing is TCM’s “Star of the Month” for October, so Monday nights’ movies are dedicated to him! Gonna be a great October on TCM.

  7. I’m a little disappointed there aren’t many Vincent Price movies or Alfred Hitchcock on schedule, but still very excited to see some of my faves on here, and to check out some I haven’t seen before. Also October 23rd’s lineup you listed is incorrect- their website lists Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Blob & The Tingler! I love it!

      1. Yes, 8 out of all 31 days. House on Haunted Hill is my favorite, and they usually show it more than once- but oh well, it is still a good lineup!

  8. I love TCM! They should include ‘The Monster That Challenged the World’ and ‘Day of the Triffids’. Those were actually pretty scary movies for back in the 50’s/60’s. (I remember those from the ‘Creature Double Feature’ on Saturdays back in the day!)

  9. It’s a good line up for Halloween. But I’d like too see more from hammer studio. Like Dracula has risen from the grave.

  10. Cant wait for all these goodies ya hoo love all these scarey movies time to light the fire place and make popcorn and get scarey and have a great halloween thanks for all the great ones except you left friday the 13th whoa that one is classic we want jason……..

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