Disney Channel Monstober

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Disney Channel Monstober TV Schedule

What is Monstober? Monstober (previously named Disney Channel’s Hauntober Fest and later called Wiz-tober in 2008) was a nightly marathon of Halloween-related movies that debuted on October 1, 2005 on Disney Channel. In 2012, Wiz-tober was renamed Monstober to get ready for the Girl Vs. Monster premiere.

Disney Channel Monstober 2019 Schedule

*date/times are subject to change -all times shown in Eastern*
(Last updated on 7/16/19)

Schedule coming soon

Disney Channel Halloween Original Movies




216 thoughts on “Disney Channel Monstober

  1. when i first got the disney channel there was only one channel for Disney thats how long ago it was. i couldn’t get enough of it….. the donald duck cartoons the classic movies and shows. they were priceless. i feel sorry for the kids today …………in all honesty i stoped watching when the format changed so maybe there are some good shows i just taped on my dvr Those Calloways on Turner Classic Movies and some times starz family will put a Disney movie on i grew up when the classic movies and shows were not classic just new shows on the wonderful world of color i have enjoyed the halloween shows and movies of the past and always look at the schedule every year for a new movie or the old cartoon with Donald fighting with the witch helping his nephews so even if you have to put your show on at 3 am at least you have them on however Halloween does only come once a year………………

      1. I just went through two weeks of all of the Disney channels and I couldn’t be more disappointed in the line up. You don’t even have all of the Halloween movies listed above. Halloweentown 1-3 are classics and children growing up watching “Disney Chanel” should have the opportunity to watch such movies. Disney has gone down hill since 2008/2009

        1. I don’t have any of them that are listed, I’m very disappointed, my sons at a age to enjoy them and it’s my daughters first Halloween 🙁

  2. I honestly don’t watch disney channel anymore because its just not the same as when i was growing up. But october is when all the old halloween movies come on and it just brings back my childhood!! #halloweentown #twitches

  3. I am royally upset with how Disney has decided to do with ‘Monstober’ this year. At least last year there were movies on. Yeah they showed them at 3:00 AM but at least they were on.

  4. Why arent you guys showing the older movies like halloweentown, casper meets wendy, hocus pocus, ect..? I as well as alot of other people lovedd thise movies as a kid and would love to pass the tradition to our kids. It would be awsome if you guys would be able to put more of the good ole halloween movies we grew up with so our children can have the chance to experience them as well. Very disappointed with the schedule for this year.

    1. Exactly!! They used to have a different one every night for the whole month and all the great ones you mentioned and phantom of the megaplex and moms got a date with a vampire. Now they’re all lame except twitches lol

  5. This is pathetic….where are the Halloweentown movies? Don’t look under the bed? Hocus Pocus? Phantom of the megaplex? Underwraps? My moms got a date with a vampire? Can of worms?

    1. We 100% agree Mike, we aren’t listing the non-Halloween movies they are playing INSTEAD of Halloween. Mulan, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, etc. It’s OCTOBER Disney – you own the rights to air these.

  6. The absolute best thing about Disney Channel is typically the Halloween lineup. The last few years have been a deep disgrace to the name Disney. Disney fans show loyalty — hence the magnitude of applause when Marvel and Lucas films was bought — but that is all you have now. The shows are even a disgrace from the originals that were played when I was younger (darkwing duck, house of mouse, etc). But seriously Disney, taking away the classic Halloween movies that have been aired long after their releases just because the new generation has a complete lack of imagination is ridiculous! If you can’t give the majority what they want on Disney Channel, the least you can do for your loyal millennials is put the shows on Netflix! Rant Over.

  7. I agree. I am displeased with this selection I remember how excited I use to be when all the scary kid movies like scary fairy godmother and Ect, actual scary movies not this teen bull crap.

  8. I am very upset that they are not showing the Halloweentown series…. I was looking forward to those movies very much and now I’m very disappointed in Disney..

  9. Disney’s Halloween lineup and ABC Family’s lineup is just terrible! Nothing fun or “halloweenish”. They are also super repatitive. What happened to the halloween classics? Casper (all of them), Halloweentown, Hocus Pocus, Twitches, There was even one with the Olsen twins when they were young that was super cute and fun. Mickey Halloween cartoons….there is just a huge list! I love Disney, but Im over this at the holidays and during the week days. My kids don’t want to watch Tween reatity shows 24/7. They are kids. Be Disney, Play Halloween FUN classics. FOR KIDS.

  10. I used to love the Disney channel at Halloween. You always had the best Halloween movies. Every year I looked forward to your newest Halloween movie. The schedule is horrible. Who ever is in charge of the Halloween lineup needs to be replaced. They did a horrible job. Where are the great Halloween movies???? I really hope you can add to this and make this season better. My whole family looks forward to watching Disney at Halloween. The last few years your line up and new movies have been seriously lacking. Why?

  11. Worst Halloween line up EVER! My daughter is looking forward to the Halloweentown movies and you are showing zilch! This whole channel gets worse every year.

  12. Honestly its sad to see how disney channel isn’t the same anymore, the best movies(classics that would beat any stupid movie disney can come up with now) aren’t being played anymore especially HalloweenTown (which they say they’ll play but they won’t because its not on the schedule. Its honestly very disappointing to see how much disney sucks now. At least play the classics of disney, no one really cares for these new movies. Bring back movies like Twitches, Halloweentown, etc. for Halloween. Bring back the shows and other non Halloween related movies and tv shows like Lizzy McGuire, Hannah Montanna, Princess Diaries, Camp Rock, Wizards Of Waverly Place, The Suite Life of Zac & Cody, ect. (stuff everyone loved to watch.

      1. Me too, I love the Halloweentown movies, they aren’t on this year, the lineup is terrible, except Hocus Pocus on Freeform….

      2. Hocus pocus is on freeform channel on October 19th at 7:50pm-8:50pm it plays more on this channel on October to the end of the month.

  13. I wish girl vs monster come on and
    Twiches in so ready for it to come on and
    I love me some holloweentown that should continue the episodes because I seen every last one of them already

  14. I was really hoping for Disney Original movies, like the Halloween Towns, Don’t Look Under the Bed, Casper Meets Wendy. I used to watch Disney all the time. Im in my 20’s now, but I see such a difference in this channel. Disney was always one of the best parts of Halloween. If they started playing Disney Channel Original movies again, I would watch that channel again just to watch these movies. Until then, I’m sure their top viewership will remain on Disney Junior.

  15. Very confused as to why they’re playing Mostly Ghostly 2, and not the 1st one (which I thought was pretty good.) Also, Halloweentown is the most popular movie/movies of all time for this time of year, it doesn’t feel like Halloween to me without them. I remember when Disney played all of them multiple times along with hocus pocus. Most of the things on the schedule aren’t even Halloween movies. Such as the Wizards of Waverly Place movie. Very disappointed with how fast Disney Channel has went downhill

  16. This has to be a US Disney Channel??? Because Im in Canada and the shows listed on here for tonight *October 14th, 2016* is NOT on the Disney Channel here!!!!

  17. Wow What a let down, none of the good movies, hocus pocus, all the halloween towns. dont look under the bed, underwraps ………………..BIG DISAPPOINTMENT

  18. what a stinking let down, none of the good movies are on. look forward all year and disney bombs big time. what a joke. cant leave a good thing alone. quit tweaking and look at your ratings

  19. Glad I’m not the only one who is genuinely upset. Disney’s Monstober is complete trash now. Where are the 90s and early 2000 movies. Bring back Don’t look under the bed, Under Wraps, Tower of Terror, Scream Team, etc. These were great, classic Halloween movies. What I have been tuning into for the last couple of years has been horrible. I honestly haven’t looked forward to it in years. Why are these movies not being played…most of them are DCOMs….AIR THEM!!!

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